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Crown Lifting

Crown lifting is the removal of the lower lateral branches to allow improved access around the base of the tree or prevent encroachment on buildings or sheds. It can also allow more light to pass beneath the canopy on previously shaded areas.

Crown Thinning

Thinning does not alter the size or shape of the tree canopy and is carried out to help maintain a healthy and safe tree. We will selectively remove branches to allow more light through the canopy and reduce sail area in high winds. We will also remove dead, diseased and crossing branches.

Crown Reduction

Reductions are carried out to reduce the height, width and/or spread of the overall canopy. This is achieved by reducing individual branches/limbs back to secondary points of live growth maintaining the trees shape and balance where possible. We also reduce hedges to limit height and spread.

Dead Wooding

Dead Wooding is an important part of tree management particularly over roads and footpaths. This involves removing all dead branches from a tree to improve aesthetics and for safety. However dead wood is important habitat and is not always necessary to remove. We usually remove everything greater than thumb diameter.


Pollarding is a pruning system which leaves only the main framework of the tree; secondary branches of a tree are removed on a cycle around every 7 years depending on species. This is frequently done in towns to keep branches in an immature state and prevent excessive spread.

Removal and Dismantles

An unhealthy, dangerous tree or a tree that has completely out grown its environment should be removed. Trees that must be felled can be removed in numerous ways. We can safely remove trees within confined spaces in sections using a series of rigging techniques.

Formation Pruning

Immature trees in the period of development should be properly pruned to prevent the chance of poor structure and prevent future weaknesses. Any pruning that is done at an early stage can help to determine the shape and structure of the mature tree. Any signs of included bark unions should be remedied as soon as possible.

Stump Grinding

Once a tree has been removed/felled we can grind out the stump to remove any sign of the trees presence and get rid of a potential trip hazard.

Shelter Belts

We can reduce the height and spread of your shelter belt and help prevent wind-throw and storm damage for a belt that provides a vital role in protecting your agricultural or horticultural property from the weather.


We chip and remove any excess green waste we create when removing a tree but you can also call us to remove excess green waste you might have accumulated.

24hr Emergency Call-Outs

If a tree poses an immediate risk or danger to you, third persons or property as a result of storm damage or sudden failure, we are at hand to remedy any obstructions or hazards as quickly and safely as possible. Do not hesitate to give us a call!



We offer a start to finish package including consultation, sourcing the carbon credit grant if it is suits, souring the trees, planning, planting, post planting data gathering(plotting). or we can just do basic planting of the desired specie of trees.


We do a variety of pruning from formation pruning to low medium or high lifting trees for domestic market grade  or export grade pruned timber. Pruning is maximizing your profits in a commercial forest situation but comes at a cost. Some times it is very worth while and sometimes it is not and we can provide this information free of charge.


Thinning is a very important part of growing a woodlot. it is maximizing the growth potential of the stocking trees by taking the less productive wood out of the stand letting the stocking trees gather more light and nutrient which helps the growth rate of the over all stand speed up.

Ground-based Logging

We can plan, price and advise you to log your block at the best time regarding wood prices and the volume of your woodlot. most people only get one oppertunity to maximize their forest investments and we can provide the information you need to make the right decision to do this.


We do all sorts of spray from knapsack back pack based spraying to roadside spraying, we can do target specific spraying, spot spraying or blanket spraying. if you are not sure what it is that you require we can provide this information free of charge.

Woodlot Management

Forest operations planning and supervision for land preparation, planting, pruning and thinning.

Forest maintenance operations including road, track and firebreak maintenance.

Mapping and surveying.


Wilding Pines Control

We can either drill and poison the self seeded trees or cut them down.

Pest Control

We can control rabbits, possums, stoats, cats, pigs, goats or deer using a combination of traps, firearms and use thermal imaging and indicator/bailer dogs for finding the animal.

Track Cutting

We navigate cut clear and mark tracks in any sort of environment.


We believe in recycling and a sustainable approach to management, all of our arboricultural waste is passed on or reused. If you would like seasoned and split firewood or unseasoned log rounds (splitting yourself keeps you warm twice!) delivered to your address, please give us a call now!

Woodchip is also readily available and can be very good used in gardens or on farms.

Woodchip has 5 excellent uses:

  1. Providing moisture retention in flower beds and around the base of trees.
  2. When rotted down it will also put back nutrients into the soil.
  3. Woodchip keeps the soil warmer and protects roots and plants from frost damage.
  4. It is very effective at suppressing weeds.
  5. Woodchip placed around the base of trees suppresses grass and can help prevent damage caused by gardeners armed with lawnmowers and weedeaters!

We can also chip any pre-cut brushwood or foliage at your property that you need removed using a state of the art wood chipper.

Contact us now to arrange a woodchip delivery – call 0274 815 187 or email us…

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